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Micronutrients- Essential For Your Health

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Lately, the term macronutrients(macros) have gotten a great deal of attention in the news and social media. The macronutrients are protein, fat, and carbohydrates. These nutrients are Hitting your macros is a goal for fitness enthusiasts and dieters alike. Individuals determine their ideal macro profile to lose weight or obtain/maintain their ideal body composition. Macronutrients are important as they are nutrients that we need in larger amounts. Americans can consume adequate amounts of macronutrients by eating a healthy diet. Micronutrients are nutrients that we need in smaller amounts. Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals and are just as important as macros. However, they have taken a back seat in popularity as well as a presence on American’s plates. Fruits and vegetables are significant sources of vitamins & minerals. The CDC reported that only 1 in 10 adults get enough fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it is unlikely that most adults consume adequate amounts of micronutrients. Inadequate consumption can result in serious life-threatening health issues. Adequate nutrition is the key to prevent deficiencies. Consuming a well-balanced diet will ensure that you get the nutrients required to support and sustain life.

Here are some tips to help you eat enough micronutrients:

  1. Consume at least three servings of vegetables daily. Green leafy vegetables are an excellent food source for many vitamins and minerals.

  2. Consume at least two servings of fruit daily. Utilize various of forms of produce for convenience. RUVI provides a convenient way to help you meet your daily goal(

  3. Consider eating a plant-focused diet. In addition, to produce, nuts, legumes, and seeds are excellent sources of micronutrients.

  4. Make at least half of grain serving- whole. Whole grains are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals.

  5. Listen to the Nutrient Sisters Podcast ( to learn more about micronutrients and more foods to include in your diet.

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